haiku my heart ~ What Is

"What will be will be.
And what will be will be right."
Wise words, Rosemarie…

One of my dearest friends
uttered these words when we were
but juniors in high school...

I can still hear her,
and see her saying them to me...
hand on her hip
and that tilt of her head...

I've never forgotten them.

These past two weeks
I've heard these wise words again and again.
Perhaps because there are a few situations
around me that I cannot change...

But I can change
how I view them...

Oh Rose...
thank you from the fullness of my heart
for these gems of wisdom...

These are the rose petals
in the heart-space of my Santa Rosa Labyrinth
from my last Friday's haiku,
ever changing,
and oh so right...

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