Malala's Day

 Photo courtesy of  Marie Forleo

is Malala's Day.

For those of you
who do not know who she is...
two years ago this then fifteen year old girl
was on a bus on her way home from school,
to learn, to grow,
to discover who she was...

A group who fear women,
fear power in others,
fear education,
boarded the bus asking where she was
and then shot her in the head.

But she lived.
And in her healing continues to learn,
to grow and discover
that she is way more than she could have ever imagined...

She has become the voice
and face of every girl and boy
who yearns for an education.

Malala says,
“Malala Day is not my day.
It is the day of every girl and every boy.
It is a day when we come together
to raise our voices,
so that those without a voice can be heard.”

So how can you participate in Malala's Day?

Be grateful-  by taking this moment.
To be grateful that you can read this.

And if you have an education
and live in a part of the world
where you are able to speak
what is on your mind
and in your heart,
be grateful for that too...

Sponsor-  by reading Marie Forleo's blog
where she links to different organizations where
you can assist in a girl's education somewhere in the world.

Find a way that speaks to your heart
and help a child get an education,
here at home or in another country.

Educate yourself and donate-  by visiting Malala's website
to learn more about her
and make a donation towards creating a world
where education is possible
for children everywhere...

and last, but not least-  by seeing what you
can do in your own backyard
to bring awareness to ending oppression
in any form...

Happy Birth Day Malala.
Thank you for your courage, your sweet voice,
and for inspiring us to look
inside and around us
for how we can all change...
how we can learn and grow
and become who we were meant to be...