haiku my heart - Dragon & Phoenix

 Fountain of Youth at Wilbur Hot Springs Preserve

Dragon in the earth,
Phoenix rises from the ash...
All things born anew.

I am home
from one of my favorite places on all the earth,
celebrating my 25th summer to walk upon
these sacred grounds...
Wilbur Hot Springs

This was a pilgrimage for me.
The last time I was here
was with my late husband...

The last time I was here
the main lodge had not burned,
as it did this past March...
nor had the surrounding preserve
from the wildfires two years ago...

Standing at the Fountain of Youth,
listening to the hot water gurgle from the depths
of the earth
like a dragon in a deep cave...

I was reminded
that all things crumble,
and return to the earth...

and all things
are born anew...

 Photo taken July 2006

 Photo taken July 2014

Like the Phoenix

The spirits of this place and land
have not been harmed in the least from the past fires...
They are alive and well
and show signs of springing
once again from the earth...

like new shoots in spring,
like a baby's first laughing gurgle...

Like these hot waters...
taking me into their depths
and holding
all that is birthing new,
in me.

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