The Ritual of Making Food

To me,
making food is another form of
making art...

And making my lunch today
from this place of slow because of my mending ankle
took on a whole other dimension.

It wasn't just art-making.
It became a ritual,
from stepping into my garden
and picking the cilantro, tomatoes,
and padrón peppers,

then adding them to my store bought groceries,
where I was most likely not as aware,
thinking of where I had to go next,
what was on my list...

missing the details of that very moment...

to going out onto my back deck,
 breathing in and then eating
the beauty
of something so simple,
yet profound.

What if this was all I did today?

What if these preparations
were my prayer?

My offering of love,
to myself and to the world?

What if this act of making food
was enough...

The bee thought so...


-Meat of one ripe avocado
-3 cherry tomatoes diced
-1/4 C of minced white onion
-1 Tbls. minced cilantro leaves
-Juice of half a lime (more if a dry lime)
-sea salt

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. No exact measurements here. Just do it. You can adjust ingredients to your liking.  And don't skimp on the salt. I find that the salt and lime juice ratio is important. Serve with chips or veggies. Or put a dollop on your salad or baked potato.

Padrón Peppers

If you haven't started growing these in your summer garden... do so next year. These peppers are amazing. Not usually hot, although every once in awhile... one is. Heat olive oil in a skillet. Add peppers and blister on all sides. Remove and drain on paper towels. Dust with sea salt. I eat the whole thing in one pop. Stems and all.

Lemon & Mint Water

Add fresh mint and sliced lemons and limes or oranges to your everyday drinking water. Diana Stobo just wrote a Blog Post about how this simple and tasty act will help improve your metabolism.