Day of the Dead - All Soul's Day 2014

Two years ago today...
I walked the streets of Pozos, Mexico
in their Day of the Dead Celebration
while on pilgrimage with Rebecca Brooks...

 Some of my lineage, grandparents, my father, my husband, cousin's and loved ones...

It was the first time
that I could take up the mantle of widowhood,
feeling my place in the world
with the incredible loss that pierced my heart...

That day I was one of many
who had suffered the loss of a loved one
and we walked together in the light of day
and I no longer felt as if I carried my burden alone...

People around the world are celebrating the memory
of their loved ones today,
also known as All Soul's Day.

 My father Dale Richard Goode

Setting up photos, their favorite foods,
telling stories, visiting their graves,

 My late husband Milton E. Harris

I give thanks for those who have come
before me...
So that I can be here now,
breathing life through me
in this rented body
in the time that I have
to dance upon this earth...