Labyrinth Beneath the Great Oak

Situated beneath a massive California oak,
the meandering path of a modified Classical Labyrinth
recently came to life...

 My client and her Boston Terrier ~ Lola Finished surrounding landscape design by  David Sawyer Landscapes

Transforming a barren backyard in a private home in Windsor, CA
the homeowner wanted a place of meditation,
peace, a place to center
and find solace when needed...

With the help of her gardener,
Rafael Mendoza and his crew,
the space was cleared and prepared for the
tumbled brick and colored gravel that was to come...

I laid out the pattern first with the rope
from one of my Labyrinth To Go! kits...

And then marked the lines with chalk.

Rafael and crew then laid the brick in mortar

and filled the paths with a gravel that matched the colors
of the surrounding oak and leaves...

The labyrinth emerged from the earth...
a path to follow to the center...

beneath the canopy
of this great and beautiful oak...

Here are a few more pics of the finished landscape
by David Sawyer Landscapes

 A bench will go beneath this pergola, looking back at the labyrinth in the opposite corner of the now lush yard.

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