haiku my heart ~ Lock & Key

What does this lock hold,
a mystery of the heart?
Can you find the key?

This was one of my late husband's casual briefcases...
By the looks of the leather and design
it was most likely given to him by his mother sometime in the 70's.

I decided to keep it as I thought it was unusual and a one of a kind case that was used by him for years. It still has the wear of his hands on the handles and I can see him filling it up with work papers before a deposition or court case...

Recently, as I procrastinated around further de-cluttering projects upstairs and downstairs, I decided to spiff this case up with a bit of saddle soap and give it some much needed attention.

That was when I noticed the lock.
And no key to be found, anywhere.
I could tell that this lock needed a tiny key,
so small that it was most likely long gone...

Later in the week I was working on moving more things out of my downstairs. It is hard to go through things that held so much meaning at one point in time and come to the place of letting them go. I find this type of cleaning to be exhausting mentally, more than physically. Before I went upstairs to take a rest I decided to put away one last pile of books and papers. I moved some books and found this folder...

with a tiny key taped to the cover.

Could it be
the key?

A resounding

This was indeed the key to the lock.

It was taped to a folder holding a copy of Milt's dissertation,
on the connections between the mind and somatic illnesses.

As I heal from my diagnosis this past summer
of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
(you can read about it HERE & HERE if you don't know what this is!)
I have done everything possible to help my body to heal,
from taking medication for my thyroid to radically changing my eating habits to bring down the inflammation in my body...

I recently began to acknowledge that I also need to focus on the spiritual and psychological components of this imbalance in my body that has affected me for most of my adult life. Finding this key, taped to Milt's dissertation on the mind and body, felt like an affirmation
of everything I am doing to heal.

If nothing else...
I think it is a wonderful find
and a story that I will long remember,
like the click of this key coming home...

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