Snapshots Of Cyprus

I have traveled these past five days through the ancient land of Cyprus. I've walked through the ruins of the Bronze Age, Greek and Roman periods, early Christian, Greek Orthadox and Muslim faiths still practiced on this beautiful island. We have been fed and housed by the most lovely people, including our own roadside picnics, enjoyed in rain and sun!

Because I'm blogging from my phone this post will be short. I hope to post more stories and photos soon. 

My deepest thanks to my long time friends Kimberly and Jeff Saward for sharing this amazing journey with me. 

   Bronze Age Sanctuary of Aphrodite

   Birthplace of Aphrodite. Photo by Jeff Saward

 1106 CE Bizantine Monastery in the Troodos Mountains

 2000 year-old mosaic labyrinth in the House of Theseus in the ruins of Kato Pathos

 Dinner at the family owned Windmill Restaurant in Pathos