Haiku My Heart ~ Dreams

Once a tree, this post
dreams of holding up the stars.
The sun and moon smile.

A friend and I were the guests
of one of my favorite local restaurants, Rosso Pizzeria
to visit the one-hundred and fifty-five year-old barn
at the artisan goat cheese factory Pugs Leap
at White Whale Farms in Petaluma, California.

No nails were used in the building of this barn!
Tongue and groove as well as pegs
were used to create this beautiful building.

 White Whale Farm ~ Home of Pugs Leap Cheese Factory

 The roof of the old barn

 There is even a swing in the hay loft! ~ photo Rosemarie Pierre

 Making new friends ~ photo Rosemarie Pierre

 Don't you love this face?

 Goat cheese and Italian wine tasting!

 Cheese artisans at work!

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