Roasted Dandelion Root Latte Smoothie

Makes 2 servings


½ tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp roasted dandelion root
1 tsp Ashwagandha root powder
1 tsp Holy Basil powder (Tulsi)
2 cups nut milk
(I use homemade coconut milk)
5-7 ice cubes

Directions: Assemble ingredients in blender.
Blend together and enjoy!

I sip a small glass of this in the morning.
It makes for a wonderful ritual
for starting your day

Notes: This is a great drink for dealing with stress. Both the Ashwagandha and the Holy Basil are known as adaptogens. Adaptogens can be helpful in providing stamina, stress reduction, and eliminating fatigue as well as helping to balance the endocrine and hormone systems.

This drink can be the base for a smoothie as well. Add protein powder and blend.

This recipe was adapted from Annmarie Gianni Organic Skin Care