Lea's Morning Soup

On these chilly Fall mornings there is nothing better than a warm,
tasty homemade soup to start your day!

I have most of these ingredients in my fridge, and can add to, or take away from, all depending on what is available.
The broth, chard/kale, and two eggs are the foundation of this soup.

1 Cup homemade bone broth (Chicken or beef. Store bought can be used as well).
3 shiitake mushrooms, sliced
1/2 small onion sliced
1 garden ripened tomato, diced
3 leaves of chard or kale, spine removed and sliced thin
1.5 oz of shredded organic chicken (or omit this and add another egg)
1 organic egg
fresh herbs (oregano, thyme, sage, or make up your own combination from what is growing in yard or in your pantry)
sea salt and pepper to taste

Bring the bone broth to a gentle simmer.

Add the sliced mushrooms, onion, tomato, and chard/kale. Allow to simmer for a few minutes.

As the onions become translucent and the chard/kale begins to wilt, add in the herbs/seasonings, and some salt and pepper.

Add in the shredded chicken.

After another few minutes, break in the egg and stir to distribute throughout the soup. Let simmer for a few more minutes.

Taste and adjust seasonings to your preference!


Nutritional Information: Bone broth can assist with joint health, detoxing, digestion, is nutritious and full of minerals and can also be anti-inflammatory. Shiitake Mushroom are rich in enzymes and amino acids and B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. Onions are a good source of fiber as well as B6 vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Tomatoes are a good source of potassium, vitamin C, and provides hydration. Chard provides vitamins A and K and is a great source of fiber. Sea Salt is is about 81 percent sodium chloride and 19 percent other trace minerals that are very good for us. Did you know that it is the only rock that humans consume? Organic chicken are not fed GMO corn, or given hormones, antibiotics, and are free of pesticides. Besides their feed, they live on grasses, plants, and insects, have leaner, more flavorful meat. Because organic eggs come from these chickens they are also free of toxins, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Eggs are a great source of omega 3s, protein, iron, riboflavin, vitamins A, B-12, E, as well as phosphorus and selenium. A lot of good comes in that little organic shell!

Vegetarian/Vegan: This soup could be made vegetarian by using a vegetable broth and omitting the chicken and vegan by omitting the eggs. Be sure to add a vegetable protein however, as having enough protein in our diet is vital to our health.

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