A Pilgrim's Step...

A pilgrim’s step
is never complete…
The stars keep a journal
of the longing
between stone and sea,
of the shifting of weight
that moves like the tides
and beckons to the moon
as she sheds her cloak again, and again…
The path winds
Into unknown places
that must be known from the inside,
where time stands still
even as seasons turn and the maiden
caresses the wrinkled face of the crone
who gazes out at you from the windows
passed in the late afternoon sun
that is moving slowly across the skies
matching the pace of your stride…
Sometimes a stranger takes you by the hand
and leads you to a hidden well
where many have come
over the years to pray,
to weep,
to lay down their burdens
and leave a tiny token fluttering in the wind,
whispers of the soul carried on bird song
across time and space
to finally nestle into the comfort
of your worn front pocket
where your hand rests
as you take up your staff
to begin again…
Stepping into the next turn
of this journey sacred,
this life cradled in your heart,
in my heart
and in the hearts of all you meet
along the pilgrim’s way…

I am so grateful
to share steps along the path with you...
~ Happy Birthday dear Pilgrim ~