Haiku My Heart ~ It's Raining Cats & Dogs

Raining cats & dogs,
heavens open, water pours...
searching for rainbows...


after three years of drought
we are catching up to our normal rainfall
here in Northern California...

Most of Rusty & Leo's life has been through dry Winters
so we are braving the weather twice a day for long walks
suited out in our rain gear...

I googled "raining cats & dogs"
and came up with all sorts of conflicting references,
mostly dating back to the 17th & 18th centuries.

My favorite,
which is supposedly NOT true,
is a reference to cats and dogs huddling up
in thatched roofs to keep warm and falling through,
thus the raining cats & dogs...

No roof tops for these pups!
They get a thorough toweling and a cuddle in front
of warm fire when we return home from our soaking-wet walking!

Here is a photo of them recently groomed
by the amazing wizard of grooming
Leslie of Wizard of Paws!

I am so grateful
that these pups fell into my life!

Wherever you are,
Rusty & Leo say, "stay warm & dry!"

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