Spring 2016

is the first day of Spring
and gentle rains
have played upon the earth
and watered my prayers
for something new to birth in us all...
in myself...
Can I be this new green?
This vibrant color of Spring
that signals a change
from deep within
the dark recesses of my soul?
Can my heart open more
and forgive the unforgivable?
Oh how I love this life emerging...
this power
that is fragile but everywhere...
it takes my breath away
so that the next breath fills me completely
as I step into the twists and turns,
this unknown path
that lies before


With each turn
of the four seasons,
I turn this mandala that I made nine years ago...
How I love this simple gesture...
that signals
the seasons moving
within us all,
as the light and dark dance
in an interchange of day and night
birthing, thriving, falling,
going deep,
to emerge again
and again...

May this Spring,
wherever you are,
bring you beauty
and the gift of something new...