Four Women Walking... and then there were three...

It started with an invitation for tea...

And then this past Spring,
four of us expressed an interest
in walking to the Angela Center Labyrinths
(which are by appointment only)

It was a magical afternoon,
rain blessed our walk
and we took out time,
and winding our way through the ancient path...

New opportunities followed.
A turn in the road...

Just like the labyrinth,
we think we are headed one way,
only to find that we are headed in a direction never imagined...

And our perspective changes,
the world changes,
and our hearts open
to the stories of each other...

Thus there were three women walking
this almost Summer Solstice Day,
also blessed by summer rain,
to mark more changes...
and the joy of the moment,
of finding ourselves in the now
where everything is possible...

We created this alter
in the heart-space of my backyard Santa Rosa Labyrinth
to commemorate the day and our time together,
and remember
even as we step forward...
into life
and into the fullness
of our hearts...

that no matter the number...
we are always "belle donne" walking.
Beautiful women walking.