Haiku My Heart ~ Opening

Do you have secrets
tucked in the folds of your heart?
Open like a rose.


I will tell you one of my secrets.

I have a hard time letting people help me.

Especially when I am grappling
with difficult emotions...

I am dealing with the death of my sister this past week.
You can read about her here.

And more than ever,
I am grateful to family and friends
who are reaching out to me and I am doing my best
to reach back. For they are grieving too.
And, I want to open to let their love in,
rather than crawl into
a cave and do this all alone.

Another secret...
is that I want this old secret
of not letting myself have help,

For I believe that every way that we can be kind
to each other and vulnerable,
even though it may not be easy,
that it makes this world a better place
and a little easier to open,
sharing the secrets of our hearts
with each other
so we can bloom together.


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