Haiku My Heart ~ Duality

Oh duality,
knowledge of good and evil,
our hearts, a door through...

Walking my labyrinth
on one of these last days of this tired-out-old year...
I asked for a sign, some sort of direction
to follow in the coming new year
and looked up.
There was a half eaten apple
balancing precariously on the fence,
as well as a diligent ant marching on....
and the Garden of Eden came to mind
and the knowledge of eating of the tree of life
and how there is no turning back
only moving forward...

And the image of doing so
through the door of our hearts came to mind,
and all the myths and stories I've ever treasured
seemed to fall right then into
the palm of my hand.

Good bye old year.
With all my heart I hold out my hand
to this new year coming...

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