Santa Rosa Labyrinth's 20th Birthday

Twenty years ago today,
these twists and turns spun out from my compass
and this path with heart has taken me on a truly amazing journey!
I have watched this beautiful labyrinth
be built
in every medium imaginable,
people sending me stories and photos
from all over the world
all the while watching the neighborhood kids grow up
to dance, walk, and run its path these past years...
even as it has transformed before me,
mirroring the many changes in my own life...

weddings, deaths, births, birthdays,
celebrations, letting go's,
season after season,
days and nights...

Happy Birthday
sweet path of joy!

Marilyn Larson's song about you
is fit for today
and always...

The sun and the moon
and the sun and the moon
shine on me as I walk
on my path to and fro...
cheering my heart
as I change at each turn
with each step as I go
to and fro,
to and fro...
the sun and the moon
side by side in my heart.

Heartfelt-thanks to the many people who have helped to bring the Santa Rosa Labyrinth out into the world: My late husband Milton E. Harris, Richard Feather Anderson, Robert Ferré, Lauren Artress, Marilyn Larson, Sue Anne Foster, Alyssa Hall, Jeff & Kimberly Saward, Orin Harris, Carol Posh-Comstock, Marney Armitage, Rita Caroni & Dayle Marshall, Marty & Debi Kermeen, Lars Howlett, Geof & Lorraine Rodda, Denny Dyke, Chuck Hunner and many, many others for your beautiful creations!