Breakfast Salad Rainbow

Whenever you can...
eat the rainbow.

No recipe this time,
but hopefully some inspiration
for you to create your own rainbow meal!

This breakfast salad rainbow
is made up from ingredients that I had on hand
in my refrigerator:
Arugula, sprouts, roasted yam, braised cabbage, six-minute eggs,
all topped off with a garlic-tahini dressing and himalayan salt.

My rainbow-fridge ingredient resources!
Cabbage: from my neighbor's garden. Thank you Wilhelmina!
Arugula: Triple T Ranch & Farm
Sprouts: Leisen's Bridgeway Farm
Pasture raised eggs: Silver Sky Ranch
Garlic-Tahini Dressing: pp. 196-197 of Life-Changing Foods by Anthony Williams
Himalayan Salt: My pantry
Yams: Whole Foods Market