Haiku My Heart ~ Hannukah In June

Hannukah in June,
found beneath the yellow drawer,
one last gift to give

In the midst of the hottest heat wave on record
here in Northern California,
I've been dismantling my home office,
which was originally my late husband's office seven years ago...

I cleaned out and scrubbed for hours
the 60's-70's bright yellow filing cabinets
that had been Milt's...

 Photo by Amy Fox

For soon... they would be on their way
to their new home
of a friend and her boyfriend.
As we loaded up the cabinets into the back of their car,
I noticed some paper stuck beneath the bottom drawer...

I could not believe my eyes...
Milt's Hannukah wrapping paper.
This was so Milt and I was immediately flooded with memories
of gifts from his sweet heart large and small,
and now this one.

It was as if Milt was wrapping this last gift
and sending it on its way...

With help from my neighbor and his brother-in-law
we've sweated through this past week,
emptying, ripping out ancient carpet, cleaning, painting
and reassembling the jigsaw puzzle that is my new home office.

Once again...
complete and utter chaos reigns
throughout my entire house
from all the stuff in just one room!

When we carried out the last piece of furniture,
Matt found a photo fallen behind the desk...

It was a photo of me that Milt had taken
and framed twenty-years ago.

Of everything that was in this office,
all that is left,
is me...

and a full heart of many,
many gifts...

 Photo of me in my then new labyrinth... taken by Milton Harris c. 1997

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