Haiku My Heart ~ The Great Pacific North West

 Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington

The top of the world
whispers a quiet secret
listen with your heart...

I spent a week traversing the great Pacific North West
with my dear friend Diane.

 Lea & Diane

We hiked at glacier level
and at sea level, up and down
until the sky and sea became one...
We road the waves out into the Puget Sound
in search of whales and wildlife and islands waiting to greet us.
We hiked into blue-green forests in search of waterfalls and deep lakes
and shared many a delicious meal that ended with lavender ice-cream
and conversations about all things great and small,
reveling in the deep peace and quiet of this
majestic and beautiful part of our planet.

I hope that some of these photos and words
whisper just the right thing for your heart,
with whatever it is that you most need to hear...

 Mom, this one is for you!

Friday haiku my heart
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 Hurricane Ridge