Haiku My Heart ~ Eclipse

 The sun & moon in the heart-space of my Santa Rosa Labyrinth

The sun and the moon
spiral throughout the heavens,
dancing in our hearts

  Many of you know that there will be
a total eclipse of the sun this Monday, August 21st.

Some other names for a total eclipse are:
"dragon swallows the sun," "snaring the sun,"
"black squirrel eats the sun, "
"sun got bit by a bear..."

If you are on the path of the eclipse and outside,
notice where there is shadow and light from trees and bushes.
When the eclipse begins you will see little half moons
in all those patches of light.
It is amazing.

(Here is a map of the Monday eclipse for the USA
and here is a map for the world for all eclipses from 2010-2024)

My dear friend and labyrinth colleague Marilyn Larson
wrote the song below for the Santa Rosa Labyrinth in 1999.
It was only last week that she realized that this song
that she and I have sung over the past eighteen years
is actually an eclipse song!

And even though it was written
for the Santa Rosa Labyrinth design and heart-space,
it can be sung in and for any labyrinth and at any time.
So if you are walking a labyrinth during the eclipse
on Monday the 21st you can sing this song if you like.
And, if you have others with you,
you can all sing together and then sing this song as a round,
which really makes it all the more meaningful and a lot of fun.
(Click HERE to find a labyrinth near you)

The Sun and The Moon ~ An Eclipse Song
by Marilyn Larson
for the Santa Rosa Labyrinth & Heart-Space

The sun and the moon
and the sun and the moon
shine on me as I walk
on my path to and fro...

Cheering my heart
as I change at each turn
with each step as I go
to and fro
to and fro...

The sun and the moon
side by side in my heart.

Here is a recording that I made of the song:

I am hoping that where ever you are
you can connect with this auspicious time
of the sun and the moon
being side by side in all of our hearts.

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