Haiku My Heart ~ Kindness

 Smoke filled Sonoma County skies seen through the long ago gift of a friend...

Small acts of kindness
makes strangers into kin and
helps us find our way

  Over 100 years ago, horticulturist Luther Burbank said that Sonoma County was,
"the chosen spot of all the earth as far as nature is concerned."

I awoke this past Sunday night to the thick smell of smoke and the sound of explosions.
My beautiful city and surrounding countryside was going up in a firestorm,
fueled by unprecedented gale winds.

Hundreds of people are missing.
Entire neighborhoods and communities are decimated.
Thousands are without homes, many of them friends and family.
Today as I write, it is most likely that I will not be evacuated
even though the fires continue to rage out of control
around me and with little to no containment.

And I am so aware of those right now
who are still fleeing for their very lives,
or coming to the reality that their lives are changed forever
by unspeakable loss.

Yet... everywhere I go, every note I receive, every person I interact with,
there are acts of kindness, compassion,
and people doing whatever they can to make a difference.

Shakespear said, "one touch of nature makes the whole world kin."

We are touched.

We are all kin.

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Former Petaluma Argus Editor E.S. Lippitt said in the 1800s, "In all my wanderings upon this earth I had never before traversed so Eden-like a vale as that between Santa Rosa and Mark West. It was nature's own park. Wild oats, clover and other indegenous grasses intermingled with a profusion of widlflowers of every shade and hue bedecked the broad expanse of plains..."

This quote is dedicated to my dear friends who lost their home Sunday night,
where I had had dinner just two nights before...
looking out to the glory of the Mark West area into Santa Rosa.

 Eastern skies over Santa Rosa, CA at my downtown home. Monday, October 9th, 2017