Haiku My Heart ~ The Heart of Music

Has the music left?
It still sings in the heart of
every person met


On Saturday, November 25, 2017
I will have the honor of assisting Dr. Kayleen Asbo of Mythica
with an evening of healing music, poetry, and a labyrinth walk
to benefit those in our community affected by the October Firestorm.

The remains of the grand piano featured in this blog post comes from the front yard of one of my neighbors who's home I've walked by for over thirty-years, without ever knowing the owners. That is until last week. As I turned the corner, there it was. I have no words for what I felt in that moment, however it is a feeling that I will never forget. The next day I knocked on their door and a whole new connection between us has blossomed. I am honored to share their story here, as  it has become a touchstone for me as I prepare the memorial altar with the help of friends for this music and poetry event. 


This is not all that remains of the Charp family grand piano. Though destroyed when our son Adam's home burned down, along with his entire Larkfield neighborhood, its beautiful music lives on in the memories of Gail and David and children Erik, Kimberly and Adam. With that piano, Erik and Adam became jazz musicians, Erik on piano since his teens in the 1980's, younger Adam mentored by Erik to play jazz drums and upright bass. That piano was the center piece of family gatherings, the brothers improvising music into late night jam sessions, Kimberly adding modern dance improvisation.

Though heartbroken, we are eternally grateful for those memories and of course most importantly, that Adam, his wife, two small girls and their two dogs escaped alive. Without warning and from a darkened house, only in their nightclothes, they fled. The frame of the piano was pulled from the ashes, a reminder to us of its beautiful memories and the Oct. 9th night of terror, never to be forgotten.

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