Haiku My Heart ~ Color

we think of the past
only in a marbled white
add back the color

Day #61 of walking my Santa Rosa Labyrinth
every day for 108 days in-a-row this new year...
Finding wild beauty in unexpected places,
and this time in the pages of a book.

A recent ARTICLE from the online Atlas Obscura shared this new book,
Gods In Color: Polychromy In The Ancient World.
Using modern day technology, archeologists have discovered that the statues of
antiquity were actually painted. They also discuss why we were never taught this,
even though it has been known for hundreds of years that these statues,
and the buildings they lived in,
were vibrant with colors from natural pigments found in nature.

What would happen if we were to add color
back into the sad, drab, black and white
areas of our modern life?

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