The Call of the Desert

As much as I love my proximity
to the Pacific West Coast,
the desert calls to me.

There is something about beauty
growing, thriving and blossoming
in the harshest of conditions.

I find this to be a metaphor for how we can heal the wounds of being human, finding the stories that have shaped our spirit, body, mind, and soul.

Working at Ryzio Institute, at the beautiful Rancho de los Callbeleros,
we create a place of safety
where those wounds and stories
can be experienced, witnessed, released,
and transformed.

We learn to navigate the prickled barricades that we've erected over time, replacing them with healthy boundaries of knowing self, trusting our self and our body, and finding new ways to move in the world.

It is a gift, this dessert.
A miracle of life, finding living water
and the means to thrive,
discovering the beauty
of our path home.