"Labyrinths provide us with a path to practice change.”

I learned early on that one of the only guarantees in life is change. In a world where we hold on so tight, how do we deal with the many changes of our modern era? Making art, cooking wholesome, delicious food, designing and creating labyrinth and having a daily mindfulness-practices have helped me to navigate the many challenges and changes that I’ve encountered in life. I am passionate about creating spaces of beauty and helping others to do the same.


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Creative Design

Labyrinths - Art - Nutrition: I work with individuals and large groups to design and install labyrinths and as well as imagining the encompassing space around them. I provide individual consultations on sparking creativity and navigating through life’s challenges in person or via Zoom/Facetime. I also provide demonstrations and assist in learning new ways of eating and cooking with whole, organic food that brings vitality and connection to our bodies and the world around us.


Santa Rosa Labyrinth

This unique, Neo-medieval labyrinth design with heart-space was created by me in 1997. This labyrinth was the first of many contemporary designs that have evolved in the evolution of labyrinths throughout history and the current global fascination with them.



Enjoy these photographs of diverse labyrinth designs and installations, as well as viewing the many materials available to create beautiful spaces. You will also see people exploring their discoveries along the labyrinth path.


Labyrinths are symbols of hope, wonder, and self-discovery.



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