"Labyrinths provide us with a path to change.”

Lea’s passion and mission is in creating spaces of beauty. “Spaces and places where someone can touch and see the beauty around them and within themselves. From simple to complex the opportunities to create in this way are endless and a gift from the universe. Labyrinths are a path to the heart and soul of our journey through life. Navigating the twists and turns there is time to allow for new possibilities, discover a different perspective, and come into the present. Labyrinths give us a framework to explore our connection to ourselves and to the world around us."


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Creative Design

Labyrinths: Lea can assist with design, consultations and creatively partnering with you to facilitate the installation of your labyrinth and the encompassing space around it.


Santa Rosa Labyrinth©

This unique, copyrighted labyrinth design was created by Lea Goode-Harris in 1997. This labyrinth was the first of many contemporary designs that have evolved in the evolution of labyrinths throughout history and the current global fascination with them.



Enjoy these photographs of diverse labyrinth designs and installations, as well as viewing the many materials available to create beautiful spaces. You will also see people exploring their discoveries along the labyrinth path.


Labyrinths are symbols of hope, wonder, and self-discovery.



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